utorok 4. septembra 2012

Outfit of the day

Weather in Central Europe really can surprise. How on earth is possible to be so hot over here??? One would think that I am living in the Sahara desert considering that temperature during whole summer has been around 30 degrees of Celsius, sometimes even more. People, I am dying here, sooo not used to this. I am dealing with it the best way possible - wearing almost nothing :D That sounded weird, I know. That shirt you can see on the following pictures is made of very light fabric, you don´t even know that you are wearing something, it´s very comfy and so is the skirt. I added turquoise earrings and gold bracelet that matches my sandals and print on my shirt. 

I am quite pale as you can see so probably you wouldn´t think that I am sunbathing very often... would you  believe that I spent a whole week near sea, just laying on the sun? The thing is that I don´t tan easily and this summer I promised myself that I would always wear sunsecreen. This is obviously the result. :DD

Funny fact - at one point some guy began stripping in front of me (and Barbora). Couldn´t see that coming... And no, we weren´t at the swimming pool.
Anyway, we had a good laugh! Here is my last pose, just for fun... :D Oh guys, I am such a model... *rolling my eyes*

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