streda 20. júna 2012

Summer Time

It´s a smile, it´s a kiss, it´s sip of wine... it´s summertime

As you all probably can tell, summer is here! Finally, may I say. After very weird period of time (characterized by looong cloudy/stormy/rainy days – sometimes all at the same time) weather decided to change its attitude and my super pale skin experienced first real sunshine in what feels like forever. It´s always like that – when I have to study and have a ton of work, sun is shining, everything is beautiful, one would LOVE to at least go for a nice short walk, let´s say, to the city park but no, no such thing for me. Studies were more important, I was actually killing myself. May was literally the hardest month of my life. Understandable, considering I was graduating from 22th to 25th of May. I have never felt so tired in my life but I am very proud of myself that I kept my strict regime – I did not allow myself watch TV, browse the Internet, read books... no distractions. And thankfully, it paid off. So high school is over – yay! – and now I have plenty of time on my hands J Although, days are passing by like crazy! I have sooo many plans for summer – and blogging is one of them. Obviously. I have many posts in my mind – about fashion, beauty, TRAVELLING – and I am ready to document my journeys to Italy, Vienna and Paris. Yeah. Paris. Four girl, no sense of orientation, first trip without family. You don´t want to miss that so see you soon. Hope you all have a nice day! J

                                 Love, Aneta

P.S. Please be patient with my English, obviously I am not a native speaker but I am trying my best J