pondelok 9. júla 2012

Oh la la, Paris!

I can´t believe it, I am going to the City of Light (and Love :D)! This time tomorrow I will be waiting at the airport with my friends. Beyond excited! We organised it all ourselves, so I really hope that everything will turn out great. Weather doesn´t seem to be in our favor but I am not the one to complain. After all, we will get to see probably the most beautiful city in the world... so grateful for that. We have been saving up for this so long and now one of our dreams came true. 

We´re gonna spend there 10 days (actually just 8 because we will arrive very late and leave very early) and you wouldn´t believe how long is our list of must-sees. I don´t know if I want to count it for you, but why not. Sooo... 40! *freaking out a little bit* 40 museums, galerries, parks, streets, chateau (how am I supposed to say it in plural? no idea) and what not. I know it sounds crazy, but we mastered our plan and it´s NOT gonna be one of those whistle-stop tours that you spend running and at the end of the day you realise that you didn´t have enough time for anything. I still get bad-tempered when I imagine guide´s voice calling "Come on, quickly please!" I have my experience with this kind ou tour and all I say is - never again. I need to take my time. If I want to stay in one particular museum 4 hours, then I will stay 4 hours. And our plan allows us that. I want to see as much as I can but at the end I don´t want to run BY all historical places (and that was London for me, unfortunately). 30 minutes for National Gallery is NOT enough. 

Anyways, now I can decide what I want to do, how long I want to stay here and there.... You get the idea. It´s first time I am going somwhere only with my friends so that´s the reason why I was super careful to make everything was all right and prepared. Expect lots of posts and photos of Paris :)

                                                                                                                         Love, Aneta

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