štvrtok 5. júla 2012

Book Trailer - The Forsaken

So I have just come across this trailer made for book called The Forsaken written by Lisa M. Stasse, and let me tell you that I am blown away! This book looks very interesting to me since I am a huge dystopian fan. The cover is  futuristic (which, well, while talking about dystopian world is kinda... necessary :D) but still simple, nothing disturbs your attention in a bad way. I also like the way the title is written, it compliments the picture very well. It´s not the best book cover ever, but I certainly like it :). 

You can check the annotation and cover on Goodreads HERE, my favourite website book-wise (maybe except bookdepositary but we all know why this particular site is so amazing and if not I think I will write a post soon). The story promises adventure and fight for survival - grrr, why do I have to be so excited??? Maybe because since I have read The Hunger Games series I am on a constant hunt for another equally good books set in dystopian world. So far not so successful but these things require time. It probably has something to do with Suzanne Collin´s utter brilliance... hmm... 

Anyway, here´s the thing that I am talking about. What do you think? Does it look promising? 

The Forsaken is published by Simon and Schuster Books in July, 2012. 

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