sobota 7. júla 2012

New suitcase

I just recently arrived back from Italy and realised that I am in a desperate need of  a new suitcase - one that would last me years and years and more importantly, that would be spacious enough that I could squeeze in it all my necessities. And that´s a hard task, believe me. It wouldn´t hurt if it would also look good, too. Sounds like mission impossible? Well, depends on where you are living. I was worried because place where I live is rather small - there´s 99,999999% and so on chance that you have never heard of it. So imagine my surprise when I found a perfect piece that I fell in love with - it´s big, it´s silver, it´s elegant and it´s mine!  *happy dance* (and as my family said it´s very resistible, probably should survive an explosion - and in my case never say never, I am epitome of bad luck) 

I know that a suitcase is an item worth of investing money, but still... I was asking myself - should I buy something cheaper but made in China (and that would mean worse quality) or should I get "higher-class" suitcase? Decisions, decisions... But sales were in my favor and I got a very well-made suitcase by an italian brand named Roncato that has been manufacturing bags for over 50 years. 
So, here´s the beauty (and yes, I was totally making photos on my balcony :D):

As you can already see on the photo, I did personalize this suitcase a little bit, adding a smiley sticker! Just to recognize it better at the airport :)

                                                                                                                           Bye, Aneta

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