pondelok 20. augusta 2012


I have to admit I love surprises. I am just that kind of person that really beams out of joy just hearing word ´surprise´. It doesn´t matter what it is, the most important part for me si the mystery that I am going to uncover. And look what I got in my mailbox - a promotional postcard sent from the USA. And sender? Meagan Spooner, author of Skylark. You can check all the details about Skylark HERE (be sure to read the summary, it looks cool) and about Meagan HERE. You know what was so epic about this giveaway? That everyone was winner!!! Everyone won at least this poscard and for a few lucky ones there were some bigger prizes. How awesome is that?!

Thank you so much Meagan!

Look at those colours, I love that purplish undertone :) 

And here is her autograph... This is my first author-signature ever and as I want to become an editor, you see how exciting is this for me :)

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  1. You're so welcome! I'm glad that it meant so much to you--and I wish you all luck in following your dream to become an editor!