streda 22. augusta 2012

A small haul!

So after I spent some time in Italy and France in July, I finally had an opportunity to meet my friends from school (actually, EX-school since we already graduated. yay!). Kristina (who also just started blogging about fashion&beauty, you can check her blog HERE - the only problem is that she writes in our native language) is one of the very few people that I can talk to about fashion and make-up and such... So of course when we met for a drink we ended up shopping a little bit :D We found some pieces that we just had to buy - I mean... who doesn´t need sunglasses in the summer? And they were on sale! 

The first pair of sunglasses is from H&M (scored it for 3 euros!). Gotta say I love the cat eye trend even though I am not sure if it really suits me... :) 

The second pair is from Promod for 5 euros (Kristina and I so loved this sunglasses that we both bought them,  you´ll see some pictures, promise :) )

And final purchase - a basic skinny belt to cinch my waist. Bought in H&M for 5 euros. 

Kristina was working in Spain for a while and she brought me a little gift, gorgeous earrings. I really like them, they look quite vintage-y, don´t you think? I am actually surprised by how much I love them because normally I wear very subtle jewellery... well, there are always excpetions :) You will see them in action very soon.
Here we are, rocking our new sunglasses :) :D

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